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Luce Candle est disponible aux Galeries Lafayette de Toulon au 9 Bd de Strasbourg 83000
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Lucecandle universe

Find out more about the universe of LuceCandle

Our history

Luce Candle was born out of a love for candles and their benefits.
 To relax, to purify our interior, to bring a decorative touch or to make a wish, with us the candle accompanies our moments of life.



Our philosophy

More than a candle, a philosophy of life

With its wick and its flame, it represents, for those who want to believe in it, the purity of the soul.  And for us at Luce Candle, it is a symbol of light and confidence.

You will find on each of our candles a carefully chosen mantra.  It will give you the confidence to be the accomplished and happy person you deserve to be!

Through our candles with the scents of the gardens of Grasse, we hope to bring you this well-being and this light of hope!
 Life, this roller coaster has many surprises in store for us.  The light shines within us and never leaves us.  With Luce Candle, it’s time to pass it on to you.








Anaïs et Manon Quadratus
Founders Luce Candle